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i just had returned to me a shotgun I had lent out to a friend 30 odd years ago. He was not a good gun person as the shotgun is badly rusted shut. it is an old eastfield model that had a great function you could depress the trigger and fire the gun buy working the pumping action..I am afraid that the rusted action will affect this. my questions are how do you unrust a shotgun action in a gun that might be loaded, he cannot remember if he ever unloaded it. And how could i remove the trigger disconnect from my newer guns?.


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    To unlock the rusted gun, I use Kroil with great results.
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    Use a dowel or similar, that will easily fit down the barrel. Measure the length it fits down the barrel against the approximate face of the barrel-chamber length and you can tell if it is loaded.
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    First, find out if there is a shell in the chamber. Keep body out of line with muzzle, insert small wood dowel down bore, mark at muzzle, withdraw, then compare it to barrel. If it does not extend all the way back to the bolt, there is something in there.

    Second- unrusting- they is a marvelous penetration oil sold under the name of Kroil. Made by Kano Labs. They make a spray version called Aero-Kroil. Do not do this in the house- it smells. Spray, let set a full day, then try it.

    3rd- not all guns work well with no disconnector- hammer rides the bolt home and does not reliably fire the shell. Would not remove from guns that have them.
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    A number of older shotguns were originally manufactured without disconnecters. Years ago, I had a excellent condition Ithaca 16 gauge that didn't have one.

    For S & G I took it out to the desert, to explore this feature. Totally worthless IMHO. Can't keep the muzzle down, when the shotgun is recoiling and pumping the action at the same time. Only possible use I could envision, would be in a personal protection scenario. Involving multiple assailants, in a confined area.
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    Go find a used Ithaca 37, a Remington 10 or 29, a Winchester 97 or 12, all will function as you desire IIRC.

    Good chance that the small springs in your rusted gun are toast and will need replaced. Other than that and the ugly pitting it will likely still function. You should seek professional help, although the cost could easily overwhelm the value of the gun.
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    thank you all so very much .Turns out the shotgun was unloaded and I am off to find this kroll spray.Again thanks to each and everyone of you for your help.
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