LaRue, American Defense or Burris QD Mounts??

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Looking to mount a 1" tube scope on my Sig Sauer 716, which mount is recomended and why for each one mentioned? Thank you, J.


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    AD is USA made, as good as LaRue and cheaper. Burris is made in china.
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    Don't forget to look at A.R.M.S mounts, rugged, reliable and always retains zero no matter how many times you remove and re-install your scope. I would rank LaRue right there with A.R.M.S., haven't sold or used American Defense as of yet. Burris, seams to be ok for a cheaper mount, the jury is still out though, I'm not convinced their locks on the throw levers are going to hold up, fit and finish is good. My suggestion is, if you are going to be changing out optics on a regular basis, I would spend the extra coin on A.R.M.S. or LaRue, if you are just going to be running just a scope I would believe any of them will be ok.
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    American Defense. I've extensive experience with AR QDMounts and although I like LaRue, I would opt for AD as they are less expensive and their locking levers are patented and in my exp, absolutely re mountable without loss of zero.
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    if you must have the quick lever detach, LaRue is the way to go. If you just want to be able to take your scope on, and off, with the aide of a 1/2" wrench or socket, then I suggest a good pair of the extra high rings from Badger, or Nightforce, especially if you are looking for rock solid accuracy.

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