Folding Rear Sight

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Hello All,

I've found an unusual, 3/8" dovetail, rear folding sight. It's got square edges all around and doesn't have tapered bottom sides like a Lyman does. The single screw that holds the elevation plate has a larger than normal head. Instead of moving the plate up or down with a small tool, there is a mechanical lever built into the backside for this purpose. The only markings on it are on the back, upper left corner. It looks like a laid down "L" with the short leg on the right, pointing up. To the left of the leg looks like a 7 with the cross mark that is sometimes added to the down leg. Any ideas of the manufacture? Couldn't find anything with Stroebels.
Finally registered with Imageshack but can't for the life of me figure out how to upload.
Thank you for your input.


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