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So after doing the AR15 80% lowers, I'm looking for a bigger challenge and may try a 1911 80% frame build to a complete functioning 45acp. I realize this would be a far more advanced project and would take much more time. But time is not a problem. And yes, I already have a factory built 1911 and love it. Now I would like to build one if possible.

My question is this; Are there any complete kits available from a quality manufacturer for this kind of build?

I've found numerous parts on different websites, but only one true complete kit that come with a frame as well. I was looking for more options other than just one place.

Any ideas?


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    I build my 1911s with Caspian Arms frame and slides,,,',,,they're the best that I've found. Fusion is another one worth considering.

    I don't know of any company that has 100% turnkey kits,,,,,,,,,albeit Fusion comes close.

    Why not buy the frame and slide from one source and then 'cherry pick' all parts from various vendors depending on quality and end use.

    Be aware, 90% of all drop in parts are not 'drop in',,,,,,,,,,filing, fitting, stoning and polishing are required with very specific tolerances for safety and function.

    It's a steep learning curve with many pitfalls to achieve a well performing and safe weapon. And specialized tools will cost $$$$,,,,,,,,ask me how I know. [8)]
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    So far, getting the frame and slide from one source is more than likely the path I'll go with. The only reason I'd like a complete kit, is for the very reasons you've mentioned. I assumed the parts would be close fits if they were from one source, reducing the fitting process.

    However, I'm looking for a project that's fairly involved and will take a lot of time. I don't want it to be over too fast. The AR lowers were way, way too easy. And they were done too quickly. It kind of took the fun out, somewhat. That's also the main reason I like to single stage reload, it takes time.

    Anyway, I appreciate your input and am already looking at Caspian and others.

    I'll look into the Fusion website next. :)
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    along with Caspian CYLINDER & SLIDE has good barts . AND FOR BARRELS BARSTO or Kart are hard to beat. BROWNELL'S also has lots of choices
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    Thanks, I'll try those as well. I've been to Brownell's, good selections.
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