S&W Mod. 547, 9mm

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One of these on the auction side. Never heard of this particular model. Up to $1,500, 26 bids with 10 days left! Limited number manufactured I guess? Can't find much info. on this. Any comments?


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    If it's the revolver you're talking about? Date to the 80's as I remember. Supposedly made on spec, for sale to a European police organization. Two barrel lengths, available. When the European orders didn't materialize. Overrun was sold commercially here in the States, in small numbers.

    I was thinking about buying one, during that time frame. The fixed sights, were a deal killer though. To many different types and bullet weights in 9mm. Fixed sights wouldn't make it, as far as I was concerned.

    EDIT #1,

    Hard to believe they are fetching that kind of money, nowadays! Shouldn't be surprised though. On one of the forums I belong to. The folks are talking about prices of limited production S & W revolvers, made between the 70's and 90's. Going through the roof. .
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    Interesting comment rufe. I guess as a collector one might look at it in a different frame? But good point.
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    I seem to remember France was the target market.. Ashland Shooting Supplies offered them at close-out prices.. I believe RSR Wholesale had them as well..

    They are heavy barreled K-frames- 3" round butt, 4" square butt.. They have a unique ejection design that allows using the 9mm cartridge without needing moon clips.. Instead of a standard star ejector, there are 6 spring prongs that engage the extractor groove of the rimless case when the ejector rod is pushed..

    I sold several, and still have one of each, NIB.. I figured they'd be worth something, someday, but nothing like what they're bringing now.. I checked my notes- Both purchased from Ashland in June, 1985.. $155 each.. Should have kept them all..

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    I bought a model 547 a year or two ago at an auction. You need to fire different makes and types of ammo to settle on one that is the most accurate as the sights are not adjustable to compensate for ammo variations.
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