Sharps 45-110 Long Range Express

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I rrecently purchased a Sharps 45-110, and afterwhich I talked with a guy that loads the 45-70 and he said I could shoot that round through my 45-110. I called Sharps and they said sure you could but you risk damaging the chamber throat, and accuracy is out the window. That makes perfect reason. And why would I want to shoot the 45-70 out of a gun built for the 45-110 action. This does not compute. My question is I'm looking for a load to Brown Bear in the spring 2008. I've bought some bullets from Buffalo Arms, and solid lead bullets. Any comments and suggestions on what I should be looking for as far as a good bullet for this hunt?? Help???? Mark from wyoming [email protected]


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    Why would you shoot 45-70 out of it insted of 45-110? Lighter recoil, and availability of ammo (something to consider should your ammo come up missing on your bear hunt).
    You can also shoot 45-90 ammo out of it safely.
    It's the same thing as shooting 38Spl and 357Mag ammo out of a gun chambered for the 357Max cartridge.

    Yes, a steady diet of the shorter case length ammo might, over time, cause some damage to the chamber/throat due to carbon and lead buildup but a few here and there, with proper cleaning afterwards, won't hurt anything.
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    I don't understand the Internet Fascination with buying big and shooting little. Yes, you can fire .45-70 in .45-110, a lead bullet is not going to hurt the throat in a steel barrel; more likely the other way around and accuracy will suffer. But why? Not like it was 30 years ago and no brass available.

    There are folks on the Shiloh board who can discuss bear loads for a Sharps.
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