Winchester 97 - What barrel is this?

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Hello Experts - A friend of mine found the business end of a Winchester 97 in some of the stuff that his dad left him along with a few Sheet grade model 12's and a 42. He asked me to see what I could find out about this barrel and what it was used for.It's 21 5/8" long. Please see the photos for more details. The other end is no where to be found. What is the value of this 1/2 of a 97?

All information is appreciated. Thanks in Advance.



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    It's been cut down for a Cutts. Which is a 2 piece combination muzzle brake and screw-in choke.

    It appears that the Winchester was in factory original, excellent condition when it was cut down for the Cutts.

    Although Cutts Compensators date to the 1930's, they are still manufactured. Brownells stocks them. The value of your barrel probably would be increased, if you fit it with a Cutts.
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    I agree with Rufe, buy a Cutts and you will have a total package, more saleable.
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    Hello Clabber: I agree the barrel was cut down and a Cutt Compensator was installed at one time. You can buy parts for them from Brownells or directly from Lymann. The barrel was made 1935 or later, it's been reblued. The forearm looks to be the early Trap style, based on the checkering pattern.

    Value, well as a front half in it's present condition, $125-$175. If you buy the Cutts parts, about another $50-$75.

    If you separated the mag tube assy from the barrel, the mag tube action slide/forearm, about $125, the barrel in it's present condition for about $50-$75.

    Regards Dave
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