Future of 325 wsm

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I've never shot one and I don't know anyone who has one. However ballisticaly it looks like a very good all around cartridge and it comes in a short action reasonable weighted rifle in several brands. Do you think it will be around in the future and will the ammo companies keep making ammo?



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    All ammo has it's availability as a function of DEMAND. It cost ammo companies big bucks to set of their machinery to load each cartridge,and they don't like to load short production runs.If a new cartridge becomes a better mouse-trap it has a long life [:p] case in point 40 S&W but if sales are small [:(] 41 action express it soon becomes a obsolete cartridge. [:(!]I would never buy a new cartridge firearm as a long term item unless I could form the cases out of a very popular case. OF course you could always just buy bunches of ammo and no gun and then sell the ammo later for Big Bucks profit [:p][:p]
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