rings for a 460 XVR and other questions

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I think I found a decent base. Now I need to know which rings would be good, Probably putting a Burris 3-12 or 2-7 scope on it. But curious if I should use the burris low or med QD rings or if I should use permant ones. Depending on rings kinda of decides which base I buy.

Edit thanks, cubslover. Kinda of want QD Just incase the scope doesn't hold up. But not really sure. Never scoped a handgun before. Also is 3-12 to much. Read some stuff that anything above 6 can't really use in the field just curious. Also should I get low or medium thinking low since its a 32mm scope but not postive since I have never owned one.

On the interchangeable compensater I know the holes and lengths are different but why do I need to change them and what happens if I shoot lead though the jacketed one or vice versa.
Edit. Problem is I dont' have a close/local gunsmith. Why I try to get a idea about it.


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    I'd go with permanent Warne Rings.

    We had QD Warnes on the AR50 in our shop. Sold like it was. I think the Warnes are the best on the market for heavy recoiling guns. Anything that isn't a Magnum, and I'll stick with Burris Signature rings.


    I'd go with the 2-7, that 460 with the right bullet will use all of that scope, but really won't have a need for a 12x scope.

    Most hunting rifles won't be found with more than a 12x scope.

    Take the pistol and scope to your local shop that sells both the rings you're looking at, they will mount the best ones for you. I think the lows are all you'll need anyways. I also don't think you'll have an issue or problem with the Burris scope. One of the best scopes in the industry.
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