Mailing a Gun??

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What would happen if I mailed the rear half of a take-down 22 pump rifle to an unlicensed(no FFL)person?


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    If by rear half you mean the receiver, then that would be illegal.
    If you mean the buttstock, then OK.

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    IF CAUGHT YOU COULD END UP WITH BUBBA AS A ROOM-MATE. If you want to ship parts no problem but the rear half normally is the frame and this is the part that has to go through a FFL or C&R. lic. if out of state.
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    Are you saying it is leagle if instate?
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    Legal to ship a gun or major part in state as far as BATF, but the Post Office has stricter rules about what amounts to a gun.
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    Go to usps.com, and read the postal regs. If you MAIL a firearm (and a receiver IS a firearm) and you are in violation of the postal regs, well, the US Postal Inspectors have the highest conviction rate of any Federal Law Enforcement Agency. The FELONY conviction may not get you the full 10 years, but you WILL lose your right to possess a firearm. Ever. Don't. Rifles and shotguns ARE mailable, but you have to do it right. Read the regs. Or find a FFL holder that it can be mailed TO.
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