enfield musketoon euroarms .577 cal

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i have one in 6000 serial number range in excellent condition.. needs a new home..whats the value of these ? i see some priced in 5 to 600 dollar range but they dont sell.. i need about 350 out of it.. is that a reasonable start price on it .. maybe some of you have sold one on here and know where to start it so me and the buyer both get a good deal.. i dont see any evidence of one selling here .. thanks


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    You answered your own question. Demand by (2) or more individuals bidding against each other, is what affects the value.

    Lots of stuff I sold over the years was the same, for me. I just said the heck with it, ( got fed up carrying them around to different gunshows, etc ) so priced them low with no reserve, and got what I could out of them. I wasn't happy, but thats how the cookie crumbles.
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    yeah, i know i always like the low start and no reserve, but i have seen things just given away on here too. have bought several on here at a fraction of their actual value because apparently there was no other interested party ..
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    "have bought several on here at a fraction of their actual value "... like my dad used to say "there ain't nothin' worth a nickle more than what you can sell it for". some people think a S&W m-10 is worth $500 but in the real world it's value is half that. that said if you list the enfield please post the # here as i'd be interested.
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