pistol need some info

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on barrel it says GABILONDO & VITORIA (ESPANA)
38 SPECIAL CTG and on the other side it reads ACERO DE ALTA RESISTENCIA. There are more small marking on this pistol. one say RUBY EXTRA. like to know the value if any.


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    Spanish copy of (probably) the S&W Military and Police. Gabilondo was considered a decent gunmaker and made guns for the Spanish military at one time. Having said that, if it were mine I would not shoot +P in it, or any other M&P for that matter.
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    It's difficult to give a value without photos, as condition has a great effect on your revolvers value.

    That said, the Llama revolvers that were sold in the U.S. using the "Ruby" Trade Name, (circa 50's & 60's). Aren't big buck items, sight unseen my WAG is that it would be in the $100 - $200 range. If it's functional, and at least Very Good condition.
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    ...Pics, condition, a LOT more info needed to EVEN get close...[;)]

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    As above. Acero de alta.... Stainless steel.
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    Hello and Welcome Aboard !!!
    Yes , these are of fair quality as per compaired to the s&w it is copied from ...we have had and 'smithed' on a few of these , parts are next to impossible to find , with that in mind as well as the fact that it is what it is , I would NOT shoot it much if any at all !
    Good Luck !!!
    Gunsmith / LEO
    Niota , Tn
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    Look up at the Right Top portion of the screen.....You'll see <SEARCH>..
    Click the Search Engine...Follow instructions....Type in "RUBY"...Hit enter...VIOLA!!! You'll find that You have a RUBY Type Handgun.....best...
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    Gabilondo is actually Astra.
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