Colt Shooting Master 38 Special? (Photos)

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A person showed me a Colt Shooting Master 38 revolver with a 6" barrel, adjustable sights, serial 340224, I can not find any info on this revolver, anyone have any ideas on value, year made?



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    My reference shows DOM, 1936. Uncommon, adjustable sight version of New Service. If factory original, very good condition or better? Would be worth big bucks to a collector. Quality photos required for positive identification and appraisal.
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    I will take some photos tonight and post them.
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    This is what a original Shooting Master looks like.


    Your has been worked over, ( grips, hammer etc.)

    It will likely have an affect on value, i.e. most hard core collectors, want big buck stuff to be factory original. Might have better luck taking the reserve off, some guy who would want it as a shooter will spring for it. My 2?.
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    Thanks Rufe, the owner of the revolver inherited it from his father and he asked me to try and determine value. I had never even heard of a Shooting Master revolver before today.
    I am going to leave the auction run to try and see what it will bring as the owner is interested in selling it. I will advise him that due to the fact that its not all original, the collector value is not what it once was.
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    I agree that the alterations to the illustrated revolver will reduce its value to a Colt colletctor.

    The sights and maybe the grips are Ropers, which adds a lot of interest to fans of period target guns. Walter Roper was a highly regarded shooter and influential designer and writer in his day. I do not know if that interest will translate into a high selling price.
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    A front Sight with Elevation adjustment! That's NEAT. Is the trigger stop a period modification? A whole lot of work went into that BABY!
    Just one of the many reasons I come to this Forum.

    I can picture that Colt in the hands of someone like Harry Reeves!
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