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Hi Guys:
With money not being an object (did I say that?) would you go with the Crimson Trace (or any brand) laser grips; or the Laser Max (or other brand) type that replaces the recoil spring?
Thanks in advance for the advice.


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    i have a smith and wesson s/s semi-auto 40.cal mod4006. im looking for a laser grip but so far no luck, maybe someone can help.
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    Crimson Trace, without a doubt.
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    ...Considering the need to change the GR to a type that works best for the particular gun sometimes, if the Max doesnt work well with the gun, what a waste of $$$ that would be. IF I just HAD to have a laser to help me aim, Id go w/ the Crimson...[;)]

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    Yes, crimson trace. Have a few and really like them..
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    My department purchased the lasermax for our Glock 22 for our SWAT team. I was really pleased with it when they first purchased them. At the time of the purchase Crimson Trace did not have anything available for the Glocks. However after a period of time we have had problems with most of them and had to send them back for repairs. On the up side of that Lasermax has been very good to work with and has either replaced or repaired them without charge. I have a set of Crimson Trace grips for my Colt 45 and I have been very pleased with them. As stated above some guns are peculiar with replacing the guide rod. Also the Crimson Trace beams are adjustable and the lasermax are not.

    In short Crimson Trace would be my pick.
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    As to that:


    I've since upgraded to a sleeker, more modern design, optically-tracked... mouse.
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    Well Fellas:
    Thanks for the responses.
    If I get no more, I have 6 out of 10 saying Crimson Trace... a clear majority.
    If I stop now, I have a unanimous 6 out of 6.
    C.T. it is.
    Thanks guys, you're the best.
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    The CT are ok, but they get off target at different distances.
    Keeping them lit up, can be problematic, your finger "can" get in front of the laser.

    I like the LaserMax better.
    The LaserMax stays on target at ANY distance, and stays on, once turned on. You can't block it with your finger.
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    What are you looking for? A target index or accuracy? Bulk or ergonomics? CT makes grips with lasers even if the thing doesn't have a full length guide rod. I know the CT lazer is part of the grip and is a bit of an accuracy problem because CT grips in some models grips move abit and after shooting can come loose (fact). You can use a thread locker on them to prevent this from happening. Otherwise you'll just keep adjusting them more and more as you shoot. I wouldn't factor CT out, they are ergonomic grips. How often are you going to use it? You'll just have to keep looking and see what's out there and know what you want. This is an opinion pole. Is this an expert forum or general?
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