Wha Is Best 9MM Defense Load

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What would you recommend as the best commercial self defense load for a 9MM? Black Talon is not an option.


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    The most important factor in a defense load is that it functions 100% in your pistol. All the ammo manufacturers make premium quality 9mm defense loads, in various bullet weights and configurations. Buy a selection of them to fire in your pistol, to check for reliability.

    In absolute terms none of us can tell you which one is the "Best", for your particular handgun, and the circumstances you intend to use it for.
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    I hit a cat (dieased, wild and sick) with a Hydra shock 9MM from about 15 feet.


    very impressive performance. Instantly fatal.
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    Rufe-Snow hit the nail squarely on the head.

    You go buy 3 or 4 different loads to try.
    Here we are talking 4 to 8 boxes of ammo. If one of those seems to be 'best' for you, go buy several boxes of that and shoot it all.

    That is where some folks get hung. If you find that the Hornady XYZ maxibambam is what you want, great. If it cost $ 23 for 20 rounds, that is the price you pay. You still need to shoot up more of that pricey ammo to make SURE it works for you.

    How many ? Are you comfortable after 20 rounds ? 40 ? 100 ?

    ENJOY !
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    I talked to a law enforcement friend. Minimum of 100 rounds of flawless operation before considering using the round. They use the Remington premium 9MM round. 115 or 123 grs, forgot which.
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    a 200 gr holowpoint out of a .45!!![:D]
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    try winchester SXT 147 gr, speer gold dot 124gr +p, winchester ranger T
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    I have tried many 9mm rounds over the years. I prefer a 124g bullet and I have always had great luck through all of my guns with Federal Hydra-Shok 124g rounds. Excellent expansion.
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    I'm kinda restricted to fmj in my P-08. Always flawless function. Don't want to chance a jam, etc.

    However, I'm open to new ideas! Gonna give them maxibambam's a try!!!
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    I have a glaser on top, the three silvertips followed by FMJ.

    Glaser does not feed 100% from magazine but ejects 100%. Silvertips feed 100% from magazine, FMJ offers penetration in the possibility more than three or four shots required and cover is taken.
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    I am a fan of Corbon. I have carried and used their HP loads on several injured deer. I am now using Corbon Powe R Ball ammo but have not had a chance to use them on anything yet. Corbon claims they are better then their HP and that is good enough for me.
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    Federal 9BP 115 Gr. JHP. It has been around for a long time, good proven street results and low flash. I have used it in over a dozen different 9mm firearms and all fed it without a hitch.
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    Whatever ammo you have in your weapon is the best. Practice accurate shooting rather than depend on a wonder bullet.

    But if you want a wonder bullet. Geco BAT's are my favorite.
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