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load help

pulsarncpulsarnc Member Posts: 6,346 ✭✭✭✭
edited October 2008 in Ask the Experts
I posted this onthe other side with no results so here goes ! I need loads for original barnes x bullets in .308 and 30.06 .I have 125 grain and 150 grain that I got in swap . Anyone have load data using imr 4350 4895 or 4320 powders thanks in advance for any help
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    huntergarrethuntergarret Member Posts: 702 ✭✭✭✭
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    Barnes X in 30.06:

    125 grain: Did'nt know they made an X in 125. This data is for a 125 grain Solid.

    57 grains IMR 4350 2942 fps
    49 grains IMR 4895 2953

    150 grain: (Boat Tail)

    56.5 grains IMR 4350 2926 fps
    48 grains IMR 4895 2839 fps
    49 grains IMR 4320 2849 fps

    Hope this helps.

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    deadeye46deadeye46 Member Posts: 553 ✭✭
    edited November -1
    i have had best results with 150 grainers in 308win and '06 using 47grains of WW 748 in the '08 and 50 grains of WW748 in the '06,just my two cents
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