Winchester 1886 folding front sight?

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Recently I picked up this 1886 DOM 1891 in 40 82 cal. and has this front sight I thought was a Beach,but don't see any markings on it. Would this possibly be a Lyman copy of a Beach front sight? This rifle also came with a Lyman tang sight.



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    My 1901 and 1939 catalogs show the Lyman Beach combination sight.

    I did not even know there was a Beach brand independent of Lyman.
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    Beech sights are not marked. They are typically gold plated on the "globe" portion, and the hinge pin is longer than a Lyman Combination front sight.

    Yours looks like a Beech, but I have never seen that lollipop in the center. Normally there is a post with a bead on it.

    Yours is definitely NOT a Lyman.
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    On the Winchester Collectors site, in the forums, the is a link dedicated to Winchester sights. You may very well find help there.
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    I did try on the Winchester Collectors site, but won't let me post any pics. I think there was a size limit that I tried to meet with no luck.

    thanks anyway.


    Yes, this one looks to have some of the gold plating left. Pretty cool sight.


    Hawk Carse,

    Do your catalogs show this front sight with the lollipop or aperture(whatever it's called)?
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    maybe a bigger pic.

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    Post the link to this thread on the Winchester site that W.D. mentioned to you, and you should start getting some results.

    What's next?
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    The front sight is a Beach Combination. Lyman bought out Beach in the late 1890s. The Lyman No. 5 Combination sight is similar to the Beach, but it does not have the sighting pin on the top of the ring.
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    Thanks for verifying the front sight Bert. I have a Cody letter coming soon.
    Really enjoy shooting this rifle with standard 260 gr. bullets and 1400/1500 FPS loads.
    Get lots of comments and questions at the gun range. Rifle also has a single set trigger and works fine after deep cleaning.

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    i have jacketed and lead .406-.407 dia. bullets around here some where for the .40-72 and the .40-82 and some new cases made out of long .444 brass. according to T.S. uncle albert,one of the i don,t give a crap crowd.
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