Box magazine for Model 98 Mauser

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I know a few years ago that someone made a 20 round box magazine for the model 98 Mauser. It replaces the floor plate and is a part that is fixed and must be loaded from the top. As I can't possibly afford a vintage part, but I thought someone made a reproduction of it any answer would be greatly appreciated. My Mauser was converted to .308 in Haifa of all places, any ideas?


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    Potty mouth bubba K98 20 round trench magazine.


    I would just 5 round clips myself.
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    The Isrealis used a lot of M-98s and converted many to 7.62X51, this is probably one of them.
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    Thank you, I always wanted one too lazy to use all these strippers 1 at a time.
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    Numrich still sells them too and they are repos of the old trench magazines. They fit certain 98s. I bought one not to long ago.
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    quote:Originally posted by 62fuelie
    The Isrealis used a lot of M-98s and converted many to 7.62X51, this is probably one of them.

    This bends the thread a little, but the Israelis used a lot of ex-German stuff when Israel was a new country. They also used a lot of U.S. and British stuff, especially M1/M2 Carbines, and Sten guns. The kibbutz' had all of the above weapons in profusion. The Israelis also used captured Bf-109's, and I once read an interesting article that was written by a WW2 American pilot who had flown P-51's. He had been hired by the Israelis, and found himself in the ironic position of flying a Messerschmitt for the Israelis against Spitfires flown by the Egyptians.

    The Israelis still use a lot of captured stuff in a secondary role. In the late 1990's, they contracted with the Bulgarians for a large amount of 7.63x39 with non-corrosive primers, for use in weapons that they captured in their various wars with the Arab powers.
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