custom barrel and contender receiver problems

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Have recently purchased an Ingram barrel in .222 and installed it onto an extra tc contender receiver. breach lock is super tight. too tight. have to use both hands to depress lever to open breach. any ideas? adjustments?


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    Have you tried feeler stock between the breech face and barrel face? Or, some ink (like a Sharpie) to see if they are touching?

    It would be rather simple to use ink to show contact and remove material from the barrel face at the high spots. That is, if you are familiar with such operations.
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    Could be too tight on the locking lugs. My first one had the same tightness there.
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    Try it on one of your other receiver before you fit it to the one it is on now. Look for any burr or marks on the working surfaces while you have it apart.

    Added Sharpie Black is a lot thinner and tougher than candle/stick match soot black.
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    I had a similar experience, and it was the locking lugs. Tight is good, but it needs to be functional too. I put some lapping compound on the lugs, and worked it over around 50 times...still snug, but more functional.

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    thanks guys. all good advise. will try the lapping compound first.
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