$100 reward

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$100 reward on positive identification of single shot rifle.[img][/img]unknownsingleshot001.jpg[img][/img]unknownsingleshot005.jpg[img][/img]unknownsingleshot009.jpg[img][/img]unknownsingleshot010.jpg


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    It's a Blurry Mk. I.

    Lots of guys here can help you (and won't charge a penny for it) but you'll need to get it outside and take some quality pics in natural light that aren't so hard on the eyes.

    Also a description of apparent caliber, overall length, that sort of thing will help, along with any marks that might be on it.

    The last pic in particular I'm not even sure what I'm looking at.

    That said from what I see, kind of looks like a Ballard or something.
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    It appears to have a, manual external extraction mechanism.
    ( I will give you a hundred if you can say that quick 10 times, without screwing up). Just forward of the forend. If so, it's likely some flavor, of early Ballard.

    According to late Norm Flayderman. Five different manufacturers/companies were involved with Ballard's, in the 1860's.

    You're going to have to research it as best you can. To try to come up with a answer. It might not even be a Ballard. But some shade tree gunsmith homemade single shot. With a Ballard type extraction mechanism.
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    Going out on a limb,pending more info and better pics i would say it is an english or european made Rook Rifle Looks a little like a falling block action
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    Ballard (Ball & Williams) First Type. Customized with that hole in the middle. WAG is
    38 rimfire. Give the money to your church if this is right.
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    Not the right receiver contour for any version Ballard in Flayderman or DeHaas and the Ballard manual extractor is back near the action, not out on the foreend tip.

    I'll look in a couple of other places.
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