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What do you think about the Korean new made magazines? I presently have six of the older M14 magazines and two of the newer Springfield but seen a new in the wrap Korean made for $13.50 on the auction side and "pulled the trigger". I am hoping that the Korean has the same quality as the early US made magazines. How did I do? Thanks...


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    i would have bought the check mate brand the goverment uses them and they are made for springfield
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    I agree with fordsix, although I think any of the older USGI mags (Winchester, Borg Warner, et al) are top quality.

    The only aftermarket mags that I have found that function as well as USGI are the unmarked gray Chicom mags, probably from Norinco.


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    Sorry, I can't comment on the specific magazines you're asking about, but I learned my lesson on M1A mags right away afer I bought my M1A in 2000. Right after I bought the rifle, I ordered a dozen or more mags that were much more attractively priced than the gov't surplus mags going for $35+. Long story short, they were junk, but the guy was good about it, and took them back. I have since purchased only gov't surplus mags. I bought them a few at a time, 1, or 2 now and again, most off GB, for $32-$35 apiece. There were plenty of sellers wanting $45-$65 for them. I just kept looking, and found more reasonably priced ones. I decided they were worth the cost, as you will never wear one out.

    Edit to add:There are Springfield Armory mags on the auction now for 20 bucks each.
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    I have used the Korean M=14 mag's for sometime and for the money they are not bad. The lips are somewhat softer that the GI ones and I have has to re-adjust one of two after keeping them loaded for extended time. Otherwise they seem to work as they should.
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    Korean = junk.

    Get Checkmate mags they are built mil spec.
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