double barrel 45acp-II

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Isn't there some sort of Batf law about firing more than one bullet per trigger pull???

No...if that were so, there would be many antique shotguns outlawed.

Antique= pre 1898....NOT a firearm.
shotgun??? with 5 inch barrels made 2 weeks ago???

From batf,

""The (6) distinct types of Class III NFA weapons are .

1) Machineguns - Often referred to as full-autos, automatics, etc. any firearm which fires more than 1 bullet for each individual pull of the trigger.""

How about the M-16's with only tri-burst {no full auto} capability.

In fact the Batf has recently looked into fragmented bullets as to legality. Okayed by them.

Get your facts right...Antique is made in 1898 or before=Pre 1899.

If that were the case, then shotguns period, would be outlawed as they fire more than one projectile...PERIOD.

Antique style shotguns...the double barrels with hammer's, and one trigger. Yes most of the hammer guns have two triggers, but a very few have one.

If you notice, the AF2011 has two of just about everything...including triggers.
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