.308 Black Rifle

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All things being equal (price, configuration, etc.)...S&W M&P 10 or Armalite AR-10?


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    get the real 308/7.62x51 black rifle

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    That price range I would also look at the gen2 DPMS. I've owned both the LR308AP4 and the REPR, the AP4 was a good reliable accurate rifle, the REPR was one of the most accurate rifles I've ever owned. I sold the AP4 to fund the REPR, just after the Sandy Hook shooting somebody wanted it wayyy more than I did, it ended up being turned into a Harley Wide Glide!
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    Today's Armalite is different than the original Armalite

    I would go to the DPMS LR308, or the equivilant Rock River Arms, to stay in that price range.

    Then there is always my favorite, the GAP-10...made by GA Precision...guaranteed for 3/4 MOA, but shoots more in the 1/2 MOA range...out of the box.

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    I'm a fan of the Armalite as well but, you have to take into consideration the fact that you'll pretty much have to stay with Armalite mags and uppers if you want different options. There is another version of the Armalite AR-10 that will use other manufacturers mags.

    From what I see the S&W seems to be a very well made gun as well and I like the fact it has some ambidextrous controls especially a right hand bolt release.

    I'd shop around and get the one that you can get a better price on.
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    Based on reviews the S&W is very light and seem to be setup more for hunting.

    If you plan on a lot of shooting, you may also want to consider the LWRC REPR and SIG762. Both are pistons.

    The Sig piston is a copy of the LWRC design, but it also has a tension nut to eliminate any play between the upper and lower
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    Take a look at Windham Weaponry as well.

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    I'm happy with my DPMS LR-308
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