Colt SAA 1899

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Hello. I am just looking for an approximate value, I know pictures would help but I do not have access to them right now. I would say the gun is in at least 60% bluing. 100% mechanically sound and tight. Here is the info. A range of value would be great. Thank you all in advance.

Serial #189,XXX (all matching)
Caliber: .45/c
Barrel Length: 4 3/4"
Finish: Blue
Stocks: Not listed (but they are hard plastic)
Shipped to: Marshall Wells Hardware Company
Address: Not listed
Dealer Duluth, MN; Portland, OR; Spokane, WA; Billings, MT; Winnipeg, Canada
Date of Shipment: September 30, 1899
Guns in Shipment: 2


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    Here's a similar gun currently up for auction, which may be better or worse than the one you are looking at:


    This one demonstrates how difficult it is to evaluate the finish of old guns. When we describe how much finish remains, it is generally the % of original finish or % of re-finish. A gun may have thin dull bluing over much of the surface, but it left the factory with a dark blue on highly polished steel; one person might call that "60% bluing" while another might call it "0% original finish, thin bluing over all, no case color remains".

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    Neal, thank you for your response. I would say that would be a fair comparison for firearms and I will continue to check that auction. One question: which would be more desirable & demand a higher premium? a 45 or the 32-20? Thanks!
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    The short barrel should have a 2 line barrel address if so that will add value. some 1899 were proofed for smokeless powder that would also help value Grips should be hard Rubber type not cheap plastic Remove grip screw and the grips should be fairly heavy and almost solid
    also have serial number of pistol
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