electric space heater and reloading

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Is it ok to reload with a electric space heater on in the same room?
Thanks for any info.


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    Just because I did it for 20 years before the house burned down doesn't mean it is all right. (The heater + gunpowder did not set the house on fire, my reloading was then in a separate shop which was not damaged.)
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    NO on some types OK on others I have no problem with one of the small BOX ceramic heaters. But Quartz type or the old school With a glowing metal element That screws in would be certain disaster. I had a FRIEND that walked in smoking while I was reloading . I let him know he was welcome But not when he was smoking. once gun powder starts nothing will put it out because it makes it's own Oxygen when burning
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    If it's the old school type, YOU SHOULD THROW IT AWAY. The only type you should use are those with anti-tip legs, & which sound an alarm or shut off if tipped over.

    Keep your electric heater well away from your reloading bench. Keep it away from combustibles, such as curtains, laundry, rags, etc.

    It MUST plug directly into a permanent outlet; never ever use an extension cord or power strip.

    Inspector Neal
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    Oil-filled radiator heaters are the safest heaters made. There are no exposed heating elements. They are extremely efficient heaters, also.
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    My reloading bench is less than 6' from my furnace so I see no problem unless you set the heater on top of the bench or directly under the powder dispensing area.
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    quote:Originally posted by Bill DeShivs
    Oil-filled radiator heaters are the safest heaters made. There are no exposed heating elements. They are extremely efficient heaters, also.

    Concur w/ Bill. You can also leave it on 24/7. A small fan will keep a larger space very comfortable if used in conjunction with it.
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    quote:Originally posted by peddler
    Is it ok to reload with a electric space heater on in the same room?
    Thanks for any info.

    Depends where, and depends on the model space heater. If its a model with no exposed heating element, and its nowhere near the reloading bench, I don't see why there should be a problem.

    One time when I was a poor student, I slept with an older electric space heater on a chair pointed next to my bed because I was otherwise too cold.

    One night I woke up at 2 am with my pillow on fire! (Seriously!).

    To this day, I still don't know how the heck I was so calm about it, but I took the still-on-fire pillow, opened the back door, and tossed it out into the snow. Then I went right back to sleep (minus pillow).

    The next morning, I went outside and retrieved the pillow, cut off the burnt part, and then sewed the rest shut!. (Did I mention the part about being a poor student? [;)] ). And you know what *I still have the pillow! Didn't throw away the space heater (though I probably should have), but I didn't keep it anywhere near my bed after that!
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    I'd rather have an electric space heater than an open flame Little Buddy propane space heater while I was reloading.

    I cast my bullets for the year in the spring and or fall when it's nice to hang around the lead pot. Casting in 100+ degree heat of the summer isn't fun. Sizing bullets when the lube is a brick isn't very fun either. More brass and stuff is the answer so you can reload during comfortable conditions. Out shooting you take what mother nature offer or go home. Short range indoor practice can be an option.

    The little ceramic heaters will not light book match heads on the element grid, but you cannot hold your hand in the air stream coming out of them for very long.
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    I have a Rennai space heater.
    Anyone have problems with them
    other than lightning strikes?
    Thanks ron
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    Me, I would not worry about it at all.

    Unless you plan on throwing powder directly into the glowing elements or pouring Pyrodex into the controls of the heater there is so little danger that I would worry about a meteor hitting the house first.

    Being overly cautious is fine by keeping the heater as far as you can from the powder but I ran one for years (until I got free gas heat!) and kept cozy while loading.
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