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My son is wanting a FAL. I do not know much about these. I am shotgun guy. What to look for metric or standard? What importer? What's good or bad????


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    I work at a range in Wi, and live near DSA in No Illinois. From what I have seen theirs are about as good as it gets in an FAL. Produce a decent little variety of configurations. Check them out online.
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    I would stick with metric since other than the British Empire, everyone else in the world uses metric.
    Stick with the fixed stock vice the paras.
    Short of FN, the Steyr and Imbel are the best you can get.

    If you decide you want to build your own, I can offer advice and assist with parts and instructions.
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    If you like the wooden furniture, go Commonwealth SLR.

    Looks way better to me.

    Izzy if it suits you.

    Metric for the rest, Imbel was not a bad set up.

    Early Entreprise (note spelling) were pretty good if fully assembled.

    Kits are fine, but I think it better to go with an assembled and functioning rifle for your first.

    Check bore erosion without fail.

    A good 200 yard rifle, expensive to feed.

    Don't buy anything stamped by importer or anything Indian unless dirt cheap.
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    See if you can get the DSA Voyager. Made entirely by DSA, it is a very decent entry level FAL. Atlantic Firearms had it listed for $975 plus the usual. Check the DSA site for full description. -good luck, Pete
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    I have an old Imbel that is a blast to shoot. would def. be a grab and go gun. On a different note...the FAL never lost a war.
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    In the Falkland Wars it was used on both sides. Would that be considered a tie?
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    And I would point out- it is 7.62 NATO, not .308
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