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hello just a short question can a stamped ak receive be used on milled ak kit thank you


  • bill carsonbill carson Member Posts: 5 ✭✭
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    ive been thinking of building an ak-47, any advice on a project like this, is it tuff?? any gunsmithing skills needed?? also what are some supliers where i could get the best milled recievers, chrome lined barrels, parts and acc. stuff like that
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    Generally yes. It depends on who did the receiver. I have a stamped that I put a slidefire setup on after building and the slidefire is setup for a milled receiver. Its about 10 degrees off. Still works great, hardware all fit, but you will see discrepancies on a stamped depending on where it was made. May need a metal file. Barrel shouldn't matter.
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    It wont work. They are different. That is why the milled receiver parts kits are cheaper. The trintums are part of the milled reiever and are a seperate parts on the stamped.
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