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what is your opinion of the glock 19


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    witch glock is better the gen 3 or gen 4 thank you
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    What is my gkock 19 worth.It is a pre ban with 2 drop free 15 round mags,still in the box with cleaning rod, speed loader,and paper work. Only shot it a few times, mabey 10 rounds.
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    can you just install a 3.5 spring and get the job done or what else is necessary Thanks in advance[:0]
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    We have been thru this several times recently. Click on search, and type in GLOCK 19...there will be at least three threads that pop up.

    My opinion has not changed. It is by far the most popular model they have. Most seem to be able to shoot it very well. I love mine, and would also welcome a single stack version. In laymen terms it is to auto loaders, what the S&W Model 10 is to revolvers.

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    The Glock series of pistols are very popular. Their price point is good, they are very reliable, and magazines are readily available and relatively cheap. I regularly find the magazines for as little as $20 - $25. I have several Glocks in 9mm and 45ACP and one in 380ACP.

    One of the reasons for Glock reliability is their chamber. It is slightly oversize and it is also not fully supported. For these reasons, reloading brass that has been fired through a Glock barrel is not recommended and warnings have been posted by at least one reloading company.

    The barrels are polygonal rifled and for that reason, it is not recommended for shooting with lead bullets due to lead buildup and overpressures.
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    I have owned one for just shy of 15 years. It has been a house gun for the most past as my wife is able to shoot it well also. It has never failed to fire or eject.

    I actually fired a couple boxes through it on Friday. It is a great firearm IMHO....
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    This is sort of like asking "What is your opinion of the Chevy Impala?" To some extent the answer will be governed by the preferences of the individual. I, personally, do not find the Glock family comfortable to shoot. I can shoot the ones I've tried reasonably well, but for me the Springfield XD is a better fit, in that class of pistols. For this reason I can only answer by saying they do the job they are created to do. I would rather carry my Sig 229 or 239 .357 Sigs than a Glock, but I would rather carry a Glock than a Hi-Point. You try the types available, ask questions and make your decision based on what works best for you and your needs.
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    I've owned all sizes of 9mm Glocks.
    The ones kept are a 17 and 19, my favorite [;)][^]
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    quote:Originally posted by range
    what is your opinion of the glock 19

    Its excellent for its intended purpose as a compact concealed carry or service type handgun. The gun is reliable and durable. Plus, like all Glocks, it has few moving parts and simple operation.

    This one wouldn't be amongst the most popular pistols in the USA if it "sucked"! Its a good gun for a lot of shooters. Due to popularity, parts and accessories are generally inexpensive and readily available.

    Glocks do have certain downsides (mentioned above), each of one of which also could be an advantage, depending on your perspective.

    EG, polygonal rifling isn't good with lead bullets, but it does impart slightly higher velocity to standard jacketed bullets. IE, for most shooters this is an advantage, not a disadvantage. Oversized chamber is bad for cartridge cases especially if overpressure rounds are used, *BUT* it provides for increased reliability with dirty or out of spec ammo. Note that you can always swap the barrel for an aftermarket barrel with a normal sized chamber and conventional rifling, if you like.

    Other possible disadvantages (that could be advantages) include a grip shape/angle that some individuals don't like (though others love it, and new Glocks allow you to alter grip shape a bit with inserts). Some individuals (myself included) don't care for the "spongy" stock Glock trigger, though again, that can always be adjusted in various ways.

    Some people dislike the lack of an external safety. . .others love it. Glocks don't have a true double action, so you don't get true "double strike" capability. . .ie you can't just pull the trigger again for another hit on the chambered cartridge if you get a weak primer or a poorly seated round. . .instead you have to manually retract the slide a bit to recock, or completely eject the bad round.

    Does this "matter"? Meh. . .some want "double strike". . .some don't care. I think its one of those things that can be "nice", but if you're trained properly (in "tap rack bang") this probably doesn't matter.

    To answer your question, my personal opinion is that Glock 19 is probably my "favorite" of the Glocks. . .which I generally don't care for. Its not that there is anything "wrong" with them, its just that as a matter of personal preference, I prefer other designs. Its also my opinion that Glocks are overpriced for what they are (which is simple design guns using mostly polymer and a small number of mostly stamped parts). I don't fault Glock for that. . .they've been brilliant at marketing this pistol, and its what the market can bear. . .but I won't buy a new one of these.
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