Looking to identify this mystery rifle

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Looking to identify this blackpowder rifle. It doesn't seem to have any markings.



any help would be greatly appreciated.



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    did you pull off barrel and look there??
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    Need better quality close-up photos.

    Some buyers of recently manufactured replica arms. Don't like the current manufacturers markings and proof marks. To make them appear vintage, they remove them.

    It is also possible that it was scratch built fairly recently, by a very talented hobbyist. All the parts and wood for the stock, are currently available from commercial sources. Generally if the parts are marked at all. It will be very unobtrusively. If possible, remove sight, lockplate, hammer etc. To look for manufacturers markings.
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    It appears to be a higher quality reproduction English style target rifle. Or, a very well preserved original. This style was prevalent in the 1860's and 70's. The usual caliber was .45.
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    It's a hooked breech gun. Knock out the wedge and describe markings on underside of barrel.
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