TC Pro Hunter Barrel Swap

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I'm not current on the TC models so didn't know the answer when a customer asked if a regular Encore barrel (300 win mag 26") would hook up to his ProHunter currently barrelled as a 50 cal muzzleloader. Is there any difference between the two except the ProHunter uses a 28" barrel? Also will the Encore synthetic forearm for the 300 barrel match the looks of his Prohunter black stock? I want to be darn sure everything will work before I order it for him since I don't need to own a TC barrel and fore end.


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    The only thing that changed between the "old style" Encore and the Pro-hunter is the fact that they engraved the Pro-Hunter frame, fluted the barrels, made the rifle barrels 28", and put the speed breech in the muzzleloader barrel. Other than that they are exactly the same. The barrels and all accessories (stocks, forearms, sights, scope mounts) are completely interchangable.
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