What the heck is a 20 Practical

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What the heck is a 20 Practical? I have heard of a 20 Tactical, but never a Practical.


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    Warren's 4200 FPS "20 Practical"

    Just Neck Down Your .223s for 4K Velocities the Easy, Cost-Effective Way

    "Do you have 20-Cal Fever? Do you yearn to see what a 4200+ fps projectile can do to an unsuspecting prairie dog? Well you could go out and purchase a 204 Ruger rifle, fork over the money for a new, complete die set, and hope that the brass is in stock. Warren B (aka "Fireball") has a more cost-effective solution. If you have .223 Rem dies and brass, all you need to shoot the 20 Practical is a new barrel and a .230" bushing to neck down your .223 cases. Warren's wildcat is simple, easy, and economical. And the 20 Practical matches the performance of the highly-publicized 20 Tactical with less money invested and no need to buy forming dies or fire-form cases. Warren's cartridge was aptly named. Practical it is."

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