Hollow base upset

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I have a 38 S&W with a .360 bore. I can't find .360 diameter bullets. Someone has suggested using hollow base bullets. Will they upset enough to fill the extra .002 to seal in the barrel? The guys that suggested using them says they will, I am new to this and am just not sure.


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    I have loaded .38 S&W with hollowbase wadcutters crimped in the top lube groove to give something close to normal OAL. Speer manual has or used to have data.

    I have also loaded .38 S&W with .358" bullets; doesn't do too bad.
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    Hollow base lead bullets should upset enough to seal the bore. However, they may not upset evenly and may leave the bulk of the bullet not exactly centered in the bore leading to poor accuracy.
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    How many bullets do you need? I have a Merwin Hulbert and a top break S&W in 38 S&W and I use bullets I cast. I don't size them just lube them. I can mike them an tell you the diameter. I have both 130 grain and 150 grain. Because of the age of my guns I don't use more than the minimum load but they both shoot fine. I recommend not using undersized bullets because that is one of the leading causes of barrel leading.

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