S&W 696 .44 Special ?

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I picked up this gun about three months ago for $359.00. I found out it was a great price when I got home and looked up auctions on Gun Broker. Here is the question the gun is ported with two slits, one on each side of the front sight. Is that factory or maybe this is why it was inexpensive. It is in 95% condition and shoots great with Hornady ammo. Thanks for the input.


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    That sounds like Mag-na-porting to me. www.magnaport.com
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    Someone else asked this question about a ported 696 on the S&W forum a while back and the thoughts are that there may have been a "special run" (possibly Lew Horton) of them that were ported by Magnaport (not factory) prior to distribution. That said, $359 is a great price for that gun.

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