M134 minigun barrel legal?

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    It's a piece of steel, and this one isn't even short chambered.
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    Yes, but you need five more for your personal Minigun build...And a LOT or work to turn them into barrels.
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    I had one for years, traded it to a guy for a new 1903A3 barrel, I got the better deal in my mind. The shank diameter is too small to thread so making any sort of a gun with it would take some serious machining time and effort. Did you notice how thick the chrome is in that sucker, it has to be .020 IIRC.
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    quote:Originally posted by reedospeedo
    Is a M134 minigun barrel legal to buy/own?


    Thanks Reed

    Perfectly legal.

    In general, the only part of a conventional gun that is legally restricted in the USA is the receiver.

    In the specific case of *machine guns* (ie guns that can fire more than one shot with one trigger pull), then fire control parts (ie sears, other trigger mechanisms, etc) enabling repeat fire are also restricted. So that would potentially apply to a mini-gun. If you're thinking about building a mini-gun, that's what you need to be worried about most, I'd say.

    Obviously, a gun barrel isn't a fire control part; that doesn't really apply here.

    Lastly *short* rifle barrels *might* be restricted, *IF* barrel length is under the legal limit (16") *AND* you have all the other parts necessary to construct a restricted weapon. Standard minigun barrel length is 21". So again, this one should be fine.

    Now, all that said, as above, if you're actually thinking about building a mini-gun, you're looking at multiple serious issues here with respect to cost, technical demand (building this from unfinished parts is not trivial), safety, and especially LEGALITY.

    IMO, this is simply not a project for anyone other than a fairly skilled gunsmith, and even then I think there are some pretty serious licensing issues at play.
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    Im only using this to obtain the dimensions of the barrel contour for a cad model. I already know the twist rate.Im a 3d visualization artist. I have zero attention of making or owning a minigun. I already have the blueprints for the barrel rotor and housing(reciever). I tried looking on the ATF webpage for contact information but All I found was hotlines for reporting. Does anyone know how i would contact ATF about this?

    Here is the rotor i made in CAD so far. Hope you guys like. I like to be able to someday to draw all the parts and do an Animation.
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