Can .410

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be shot in a ruger model 3, 45/70?


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    can and should are two different things yes you can but no you in my opinion you should not the barrel may lead so bad it will put undo preasure on barrel when then shooting 4570 plus the group will be blown fro rifling spining the shot load.
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    Besides the rifling messing up the shot string, blowing the pattern. The bore dimension of .458, is .060 over the size of a normal .410 barrel. Even at close range, hitting anything difficult.
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    It would chamber and fire, but that's about it.

    Rifled barrels don't pattern shot very well at all and you don't have much of it to work with out of a .410.
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    Knew this, thank you. Guess I should be more precise in my question. Can .410 slugs fire worth dam? Keep in mind that the slug is protected in a plastic sleeve like a sabot.
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    An ounce and a eighth of shot can be loaded in a 45-70. Doesn't pattern very good in most rifles, however a smoothbore musket would make a nice forager.

    In my 45-350 Rem Mag which has a fast twist rate and parabolic rifling I load the old Thompson Center 44 Hot Shot capsules bushed out to 45 with a 410 wad. It patterns as nice as a shotgun. I think the quick twist, and plastic on plastic slips enough to not impart a spin on the shot charge. In shotgun mode, I take out the rear receiver peep sight and the insert in the front globe. I think the 5/8 ounce shot charge are doing 2200 fps from the 18" tube. #6 red capsules is my preferred size.

    9 grouse with 7 shots. I got two pair of doubles by squatting down and lining them up, the rest were shot on the wing.

    You might catch something for dinner with your 410 slug if you can stick the barrel in it's ear. 200 something grain undersized bullet is your 410 slug. The 330 Gould hollow point Lyman 457122 makes an effective low recoil round when cast dead soft as designed.
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    I have used 45/70 shot loads in my trapdoor for a long time.
    Same load as a 2 1/2" .410. 2400 powder, Kleenex wad, 1/2 oz shot & crimped in .45 gas check.
    Works wonders at stations 1,7 & 8 on skeet. Fair at 2 & 6. Might as well throw the shot at 3,4 &5. Of course no doubles. I have quite a few original 45/70 shot shells that came with the gun my grandfather gave me.
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