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Remington Rolling Block rifles

Spider7115Spider7115 Member, Moderator Posts: 29,705 ******
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I have a chance to buy 2 Remington rolling block rifles from out of state. One is a takedown boy's rifle marked "Model 4" in .25-10 caliber. The other is a full-stock rifle in 7mm caliber. It's marked "Patented Oct. 22 1892". Please wait for picture to load or you can go to:

Any help re: rarity and value is appreciated. Thanks!


  • Delta514Delta514 Member Posts: 440 ✭✭✭
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    The Remington Rolling Block was the Favorite at the Creedmore shoots. Remington made the Rolling Block for many Nations. One that comes to mind: If my Memory serves me? The Saudis had the Most damndable looking stock on (I believe it was a .41 Rim).

    The Remington #4 in the particular Caliber you mentiond is most likely for the US Market. Rare enough, 25 caliber with 10 grains of BP. A squirrel Rifle! If in good condition will bring book (whereas many Guns are rated high but will not bring Book Value) This Rifle will.
    The 7mm Cartridge is older than the 30-06. (Which was designated in 1906). I could spectulate on this Kadet Rifle, it is obviously Military, which Military I could only guess. European, Prussia maybe. The Proof Marks will tell the complete story, find them on the Rifle and look it up through www.dogpile.

    Ronnie G. Perkins
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