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Recoil springs

sru92sru92 Member Posts: 72 ✭✭
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Before I jump into something, I have some questions.
Does anyone know the spring weight for a Tokarev TT-33 (7.62 x 25 )?
I also have 9mm and 38 super bbls, but the springs with them seem weak and I want to 'tune' the springs to my loads.

If a spring is a ' 16 pound ' spring, what does that mean ?
Does it refer to 16 pounds in compression while installed ? Or is it 16 pounds per inch compressed (Hook's Law) ? Or something different.

I want to go through some springs I have and separate them by ID and stiffness. I have a rig to measure the spring stiffness, but without knowing what the '16 pound' specification refers to, I will have much more trial and error.

Any and all feedback is much appreciated.


  • sru92sru92 Member Posts: 72 ✭✭
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    I own a Star Super-B, and I would like to purchase a new recoil spring for it. Can anyone recommend a website that might sell recoil springs for this type of gun?![8]

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  • sru92sru92 Member Posts: 72 ✭✭
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    Since this is a place for questions and answers, I'll frame this in the form of a question.

    Why do Commanders (and other short slide variants) have heavier springs?

    We've all heard that it's to reduce frame battering with the faster moving slides.

    Poppycock! Balderdash! Sheep dip!

    In the first place, the slide doesn't hit the frame all that hard, and the Commander slide hits with even less potentially destructive force than the 5-inch slide...even with equal spring rates.

    In any impact event, mass and momentum are the factors that determine damage. i.e. If you had to knock down a brick wall, which tool would you choose for the task...a framing hammer or a 10-pound sledge?

    With the Commander, you have lower mass. Because the momentum of the slide is theoretically equal to that of the bullet, the impact momentum can be no greater than the 5-inch slide...with equal springs.
    But equal momentum is only equal in the absence of outside force, or in the presence of equal outside force...and those are never equal in a working pistol because there are outside forces acting on the slide that the bullet doesn't suffer.

    Here's why:

    An unwritten part of Newton 3 determines that the faster an object is moving when it encounters a given outside force, the more rapidly it decelerates. Likewise, the lower the mass of a given object when it encounters an outside force.

    Thus, you have two factors that lower the potential for impact damage...but there's one more that's rarely considered.

    Because the shorter slide means a shorter barrel, and because the slide's momentum can't be greater than the bullet's...the faster, lighter slide starts out with less momentum than the 5-inch slide, assuming equal ammunition.

    Then why is the Commander typically equipped with a heavier recoil spring?

    The answer is simply for reliable return to battery. The lowered mass needs higher velocity to strip, feed, and chamber a round with the same reliability as the 5-inch slide. The Commander slide has shorter travel rearward, which means that it also has a shorter runup to the magazine. The spring not only has to accelerate the slide to a velocity needed to provide it with the necessary has a shorter distance to do it in.
  • kingjoeykingjoey Member Posts: 8,636
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    Wolffsprings might be a good place to check

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  • Supreme OneSupreme One Member Posts: 1,423 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hello, I have a Star Model B and I was going to get a full length guide rod from a 1911 and drill and tap the recoil spring guide for the rod and drill the recoil spring cup and reuse the spring.


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  • Delta514Delta514 Member Posts: 440 ✭✭✭
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    The 9lb spring from a 1911 should do the trick, if you shoot +p, go to a 12 lb. The complete Spring Kit for the 1911 can be purchased for less than $12.00 through

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