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16Ga Stevens Model 58

JackzJackz Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
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Gentlemen...Possibly you can help. Was given this about 40 years ago and just found in a trunk while moving..Stevens Model 58, 16ga bolt Action, 24 1/2" barrel, Magazine (2 shell?) On top of the barrel in front of the receiver 18F with an arc under it. To the right of this the number 8. Again to the right SP in an oval. Is the 18F=Jan 8th/18th week of the year F? Is 8 the inspector and SP in Oval the proof?
It HAD a choke probably something like a "Poly Choke". What did Stevens/Savage USE?
I find there is a Model 58 and Models 58A thru 58F. Wondering what that is about? I have found out that after WWII Savage made the 58 in OTHER than 410. I think that from 1933-1945 they were all 410's. Have found most info from Blue Book thru Email since I couldn't find anything IN the book. I greatly appreciate ANY assistance given and thank you in advance. Sincerely, Jack


  • nordnord Member Posts: 6,106
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    Model numbers are mostly unimportant on Stevens guns. One B/A by Stevens is pretty much the same as the next for all practical purposes. All utility guns, all inexpensive, and all serviceable.

    The bad news... B/A's are the bottom of the bottom as far as scattergun desirability. Then we have one with a short barrel. Bad to really bad!

    I quote $35.00 wholesale on a working uncut gun. Yours won't make even close to that, but that's the way it goes.

  •[email protected] Member Posts: 3,804
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    Well First off...The United States never used a Proof Mark,,,,
    As for the Stevens Bolt Action Repeater.. Model 58 there were two Model 58's The First was the 58-410 Bolt Action Repeater, Takedown .410 gauge, 3" Shell detachable box magazine and had a 24" barrel came with a Plain One Piece Stock...Made 1937 to 1981...In Good Shooting Condition...$50.00 to $75.00....
    The Model 58 Bolt Action Repeater, Takedown came in 12, 16, and 20 gauges..2-shell detachable box magazine. 26" barrel, Full Choke. Plain one-piece pistol grip stock...Came with Checkered stock with recoil pad...Valued tha same as the 58-410........Hope this don't confuse you to much......Best.....

    Captain Kirk, Tech Staff
  • JackzJackz Member Posts: 4 ✭✭
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    Thank you kindly for your replies!
    Sincerely, Jack
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