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stock repair question

drl50drl50 Member Posts: 2,496
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Found a Winchester model 70 made in 1937. Looked like it had been carried everyday since the day it was made. Blue was 40% and checkering was almost gone. Stock was real dirty but had original steel buttplate.Surprisingly, the bore is excellent and it functions perfectly. Shot really nice groups with original 22g open sights. So I sent it off for a good cold-rust bluing and the stock went to a restoration guy to recut checkering and refinish. He did a fine job for a fair price but didn't tell me about 3 pea sized putty repairs all several inces apart. Color contrast is yellow on red-brown. Rest of stock is beautiful. Anybody know a satisfactory way to improve this defect? I don't want to sell it or deceive anybody. Just want to fix it up, keep it and hunt with it.

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  • drl50drl50 Member Posts: 2,496
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    I have a oil finished stock that is like new except for a puncture spot about a 1/16" deep and 1/16" around (maybe slightly larger). I would like to repair the spot with the least amount of impact to the surrounding area and would like to avoid sanding if at all possible. I have tried steam and I do not believe it helped at all. Is there any material that can fill the hole, look natural, and not involve sanding? Thanks for your help!!
  • p3skykingp3skyking Member Posts: 25,750
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    Replace the stock? If you are just going to keep it, accept it like you would a wife with a mole or two. It's just part of the character.

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  • only winchestersonly winchesters Member Posts: 1,580 ✭✭✭✭✭
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    You didn't say, but if the person who refinished your stock used the wrong color putty, send it back. There is no reason he can't match it almost a 100%. If nothing else you just get some walnut dust from sanding and mix it with a little stain and shellac to fill. If they were there before he refinished it, skyking is right. After you hunt with it for a season or two you probably wont see them.
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