870 HD barrel?

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What short home defense barrel will fit my 870 Wingmaster 12 ga shotgun? I looked at the for sale stuff and some say will only fit original 870???? Is 18" the shortest legal length and can I get a cheap hunting barrel and cut the end off?


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    Yes, 18" is the shortest legal length barrel you can have. You dont need to cut down a hunting barrel, just buy an 18" "riot" length barrel.

    18" is the length of most 870's used by law enforcement. You should have no trouble locating one.
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    it will fit your WM it's just a fanceyer grade of the 870
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    You can get Remington and Mossberg barrels that will work just fine depending on how old your 870 is. There was a few early 870s that had 20 ga guns built on 12 ga frames, in that era you might have to check the barrel shank length.
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