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I've considered buying a bore scope. I was wondering what type seems to be not only the most accurate but works the easiest as well. I would probably be using it mostly on .22 rimfires.[?]


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    I am looking to get a laser bore sighter for rifle and shotgun. Cabela's has a few, has anyone used a bore sight with any good results? Thanks for any tips. Gordy.
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    I like the ones that have a number of Fitted bore spuds not the ones with Adjustable spuds or Magnetic spuds.
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    There are other very simple and free/cheeper ways to site in.

    If you can see thought the barrel put the rifle on something solid. Look down the barrel at an object 25-50 yards away and move the cross hairs to the same spot.

    Another way is shoot a round at 25 yards. Brace the gun with the cross hairs at the point of aim you used for the first shot. Then adjust the cross hairs to the point of impact.

    Both of these ways will be as accurate and are free. Just like using a bore sighter you still need to fine tune on paper.
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