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Hey all-

This Yankee wants to pick up a new hobby.

What is a good all purpose shotgun for hunting/clay targets/protection?

I was thinking of going with the popular Remmington 870. I have a family friend who has an over/under custom made gun from Italy which I like and it is for a very cheap price. How are the over/unders for a hunting weapon? It seems like many people go hunting with a single barrel shotgun and I don't want to make myself look like too much of a newbie if this would be the case. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    For the most part O/U shotguns sell for more then pump shotguns . both would serve your purpose pump better for house gun used for protection O/U IMHO better for hunting and clay targets.
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    One of my first firearm decisions was how much the ammo cost for the gun I wanted [:)]
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    Can't go wrong with a 870.
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    I own 870's, they are the most dependable shotgun made. I used to have a Charles Daly over/under 20ga. that I used for hunting. I liked it as it is shorter and a little lighter than most.
    The 870 with a 18 or 20in barrel, makes for a very good house gun, and you can put a longer barrel on it for hunting.
    The O/U with the same lenght barrel will be shorter because of no reciever. Handle them both and see which one handles best for you.
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    Mossberg 500 is worth your consideration. They are a good quality shotgun. About a month ago I bought one here on Gunbroker. It's a 20 gauge. I got it for 87 bucks. Can't beat that too often. Take a look, you may be happy you did. [8D]
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    for an all purpose shotgut I'm partial to the 870 seems like that is always the one that ends up in my hands except for shooting sporting clays
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    LIke the others have already said it is hard to go wrong with the 870, or mossberg 500. Both are relatively inexpensive (depending on model) and have been tried and trued for many years.

    If memory serves me correct the military uses the 500 and most police departmets use the 870. Those are probably two of the best endorsements you can get
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    Well if the O/U is very cheap buy it and the 870. First thing when buying guns. Know what you are buying. It would be a shame if you get home and find out you bought a 200.00 gun for 325.00. There is a ton of 870's out there and shotguns are easy to come by at a good price. Plus if you get the 870 you can "trick" it out. I got my 870 for 100.00 It was made in 1952. I bought it 6 months ago. If you want a hunting/clay/protection a 870 would be better. Personally I would use the o/u for clay/hunting (depending on barrel length its hard to swing a 30 in barrel at grouse) The 870 would sit by the bed or door.

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    cannot and will not go wrong with the 870. like everyone else on here, i beleive them to be the best in reliability
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    Remingtons and I don't get along they don't look or feel right to me.Buy the OU or take a long look at the Mossberg
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    I am going to say look for a Browning BPS or a nice Ithaca 37.

    Everyone has a Remington 870, but you can be different as still have an excellent firearm.

    As for the walk on water reliability of the 870, I have seen a few act up in the field when "lesser" guns have not. We had an 870 lockup after firing on a misty and cold day in South Dakota. Had to hose it down with penetrating oil and literally bounce it off the ground on its butt stock while holding the slide to break it loose.
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    So you were able to bounce it off the ground and it still worked? [:p]Sounds pretty good to me. LOL I shoot an 870 that I love, but if I were to buy another shotgun it would be a Benelli autoloader.(A1?) My brother and dad have them and they are some awesome shooting guns! Dont know if you are looking at an autoloader, but thats the only other shotgun that I plan on buying at some point.
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    Welcome to GB sgb02d. Another vote for the 870. Good luck!
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    Hello, and welcome to the forums here on GunBroker.com.

    If you want one gun to start with that will do both, hunt, and work well in the house, My reccomendation is the Remington 870 Express Turkey gun, or its higher priced Wingmaster Turkey gun. They have 21 inch vented rib barrels, and they have the Rem-Choke system, so you can put in an IC choke for the house, or modified for pheasants, or the extra full for turkey. The extra full also works well on the trap range, and I can routinely wack 23 or 24 birds out of 25 from the 16 yard line.

    If you decide to deer hunt they offer slug barrels in both smooth bore, and fully rifled, and even one that has a scope all bore sighted and ready to go mounted(requires some fine adjustment to the shooter on the range from a good shooting bench).

    The 870 has been the most trusted by law enforcement for decades, from the reliability standpoint. It should doo good in the house with #4 shot and that IC choke it would be formidable to an intruder.

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