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i have a winchester model 92. i was wondering about how much it would sell for. it is in perfect condition and seems to be able to shoot. i have never shot it. the lever action is smooth and clean. the rifles are still very prominent. and it still has the ring on the side. this gun was in the fight between the settlers and indians for Tarboro,N.C. from Rocky Mount, N.C. i have looked for ammo, only to find it was 45 dollars a box (20) so thats why i never shot it. this is a beautiful gun.


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    I'm curious why more late model Winchester Mod. 92s are not listed in online auctions like GunBroker? Mostly you see the antiques.

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    There's little doubt that antique Model 1892's are more desirable, but I hadn't noticed more antique 1892's being listed than modern Model 92's. There are only about 103328 true antique 1892's as opposed to around 900,000 Model 92's that would be considered modern firearms.

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    Just my opinion but most likely those that got em want to keep em[^]
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    As Old-Colts mentioned, only the first 103,328 Model 1892s are true "Antiques". Of the 900,000+ remaining Model 1892s (or "92"s after 1919), a large number of them were sold and exported abroad (Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, Mexico, Sweden, and various other South American countries). Exactly how many were exported is unknown, but it is much larger number than many realize. Through my research of the Model 1885 Single Shot Rifle, I have found them in more than (40) different countries around the globe. The Model 1892/92 was more widely exported than the Model 1885...
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