SBR and Suppressor for GSG-5

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I just bought a GSG-5.

Could someone explain all of the fees and cost involved in shorting the barrel and adding a suppressor. Just a inexpensive can.

Will it keep the value if I put this much into it?




  • NwcidNwcid Member Posts: 10,674
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    Well you are going to be $400 into fees alone. I believe Gemtech is the only one making an "adapter/suppressor" for this gun right now due to the way they are mounted. The barrels are too thin for standard threading. I do not see them listed right now but I believe the suppressor were about $400.

    No you will not get you money back or hold value on SBR or suppressors.
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    I have one of those. I was going to do all kinds of stuff to it but I wound up shooting it a few times, and haven't even pulled it out of the safe in several months. I lost all interest in it
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