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does anyone have or use the smith and wesson scopes for handguns? i have never heard of them before. my freind has a smith and wesson 46 with the original barrel and an aftermarket barrel with a s&w 1.5 to 6.5 scope on it. i know the 46 is a copy of the 41 and he shoots really good with it but dont know anything about the scope. who made it for smith and is there warranty etc. he is getting out of shooting and wants to sell to me. i will buy it but want to know about the scope?


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    The model 46 IF ORIGINAL CONDITION no reblue etc and no holes drilled. Does have collector interest. imho A PISTOL SCOPE IS NOT THE MOST POPULAR SIGHTING SYSTEM . The reason is that it is very hard to maintain a full field of view[V], unlike a red dot sight that has no parallax to worry about and has a very easy to maintain full field of view[^]. I have never seen a S&W branded pistol scope but it should be sellable and my guess it was made by someone else for S&W and is MIDDLE of the road as far as quality goes.The S&W barrels between the model 41 and model 46 may or may not fit the other model some FITTING may be needed.
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    I have a few S & W scopes - they are probably 10 or so years old & made by another company, Hakko is my guess - and I use them on a few Thompson Center single shot handguns. I have one on a 12" barreled 45/70 handgun and another on a 14" 30/30 barrel. Each works very well and considering the recoil from the 45/70 handgun (handloads of about 2,100 fps with a 300 grain bullet) are quite sturdy. I had one on a 375 JDJ handgun, no brake, and after 300 rounds or so the tube cracked. I sent it back to Smith, they gave me a check for $165.00 & stated they don't carry them anymore. I liked them & thought they were well made.

    Getting a good sight picture on a handgun scope is much different than a rifle or any of the red dots - got to get your eye & the scope "just so" or your view gets blacked out.
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