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Just ordered a Colt M1991A1 (Series 80 )in 38 super, I would like to change the factory rear sight to an adjustable one and am considering a 1911 Bomar Style rear ADJUSTABLE Bulls-eye sight. The specs on the sight says that it has a .359 x 60 degree standard Bomar dovetail sight Cut,will this fit on my Colt ?


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    NO, you will have to have a gunsmith mill a new dovetail slot and the back of the slide to low mount it. If you just have the dovetail cut, you will have to put a higher front sight on, as the rear will be too high.
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    I'm glad I asked first, thanks Dick
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    Replacing front & rear sights on a 1911-type pistol is a common job for gunsmiths. (Brownells has a good selection of sight sets.) Even if he has to cut the slide, that's not a big deal. It's your gun, so do what you want with it.

    On the other hand, changing the sights will cause the resale value to take a nose-dive. Unless you're a serious target shooter, I'd think long & hard before doing that.

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    Neal is correct. Those target sights make it almost impossible to "give it away". Had a pretty series 70 I obtained in a trade from a friend and had to settle for $500 on a $750 1911 easy with the correct rear sight.

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    I agree for the need for better sights . I also agree that modified pistols don't command the same price as a STOCK pistol . That is why I favor the series 70 Gold Cup. The sights are not quite as good as Bomars but the pistol can remain stock . A gun with good sights is much more fun to shoot and you can improve your marksmanship .much easier then with a pistol with poor sights . SIGHT ALIGNMENT is KEY to hitting what you aim at with a pistol.
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