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im a little new at this game ,and just enjoying the hell out of this forum. its just (COOL),one of the few words in the english language that has not changed yet. problem is,i have M/S and some of the rifles have such long barrels , it gets to be a real bugger for me to hold up any lenght of time.a close friend of mine has offered to sell me his browing bar 7mm,at a price i cant refuse,question is can i get a carbine barrel for this, or can i have it shortened ,some of your guys great wisdom would help ,thanks ,rusobr2


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    No no carbine barrels. Chopping the barrel will hurt accuracy down range and terminal ballistics.
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    I don't think they have a carbine barrel that would replace the standard barrel, so it would revert to cutting the one you have down. If that is a belgian gun in good condition, that would be a downright shame. It will hurt your exterrior ballistics a little, depending on how much you are shortening the barrel. If you have a good gunsmith do the work, and properly recrown the barrel you shouldn't loose any accuracy. However, being gas operated, you might be loosing some of the back pressure needed to operate your action properly, and reliably. All things for the thinking. It might be worth trading for a lightweight 30-06 BAR, which is carbine length.
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    i checked out the rifle a little more, and much to my surprise,it is belgium made,HA HA, so no CHOP CHOP!!! i also checked with my local gunsmith and he suggested that i get the gun, and he will fit me with a sling that will help support it when i pullup to make that once in a lifetime shot, go figure , he has had to do this many times with other disabilities.thanks for the support fellas, rusobr2 **if you think the sky is the limit,then you have a limited imagination !! unkown
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