muzzle guard for lever action cleaning

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Does anyone make a muzzle guard to protect the crown while cleaning a lever action gun? I use bore guides for my bolt guns but I have been looking for a guide to protect the crown for my lever guns. Thanks[This message has been edited by mbrook (edited 09-06-2001).]


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    You might check out the Brownells catalog. There's an item called the Dewey Rod Guide/Guard, four different sizes that cover most calibers, cost about $5.00 each. If your rifle is .30 caliber it is item #234-018-030. Brownells order phone no. is 515-623-4000. Kleen Bore used to make one piece stainless steel cleaning rods and supply a similar item with the rod. Don't know if they still do.
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    Or you might try a bore-snake. Work pretty good unless you are shooting lead.
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    The KleenBore Deluxe stainless steel rifle cleaning rod comes with a bore protector.Neal
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    One positive thing you could do to make life easier, buy Marlin lever guns.One screw and a couple of tugs and the cleaning rod goes in from the rear straight through to the muzzle.I have been using one of the snakes on my trapdoor and really like the job it does.Not a new idea but it does make it easier without scrubbing the crown out.modoc
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