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lisc. showed up today...thinking about a cz52 1st off. any recommended sellers or advice for the next purchase? thanks...


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    Put the K31 Swiss on your list

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    I agree with Mark, and second that K31!!!Pick up some of those French rifles while you're at it.

    Love them Pre-64's!!!!-Bob
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    Dont forget the czech vz-24's , k98's, and the yugo m48's!!!
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    A Garand, M1 Carbine, 1903, 1917 and a Colt 1911.[:D]

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    Gp ahead and get that CZ-52...wonderfully robust and pretty accurate for a military pistol! The Mosins are also a good bet, but I would go for a Swiss K-31 FIRST! They are surprisingly accurate and a very interesting piece of machinery. I would recommend that youo start looking for guns that interest you that ARE NOT import marked. They are currently a bit more expensive, but these unmarked examples will bring a much better return on your investment down the line! Whatever you do, make sure that you get things that really interest you as oppossed to rifles and handguns that "seem like a good idea", as sometime down the road, purchases like that wind up being NOT such a good idea and you'll find yourself asking "what the hell was I thinking!". Have fun and try to avoid bankrupting yourself...it can be a challenge with that license you have!

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    thanks again to all...mark esp: your advice pushed me to get c/r, so its only right to let you spend some of my money(as soon as i earn it...)
    powder: about 3 mo's. confucious say,"the best time to plant a tree is 100 years ago- the 2nd best time is now..."
    on the list:
    nagant pistol
    hex moisin
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