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I want to replace a Burris 1.5-4x Posi-lock scope on a S&W .500 magnum with 8 3/8" barrel. I want to use it for the Pennsylvania black bear season in November. I'm tall with long arms, and the Burris doesn't have enough eye-relief for me even at 1.5x. It keeps blacking out if you're not lined up perfectly behind it, so it's hard to get on target fast, or to keep on moving targets.

I have a Bushnell Elite 3200 2-6x scope on a Dan Wesson .44 I use for whitetail hunting. The Bushnell isn't as sharp optically as the Burris, but the eye-relief is much more foregiving so it works OK for me. I would like to have a low powered variable, with generous eye-relief. Where I was last year went from rain, to sleet, to VERY COLD all on the first morning, and stayed VERY COLD, so I don't want something that relies on batteries.



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    I have a Leupold M8-2x EER on a Smith M29 6"; I have fairly long arms (sleeve 35"), and I find it works fine. I've shot it a bunch over the last 10 years and it still holds the zero that was set when installed. I know of no better scope of it's type.
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    I agree with Ray's choice. I have a Leupold M8-2X on my Ruger Super Redhawk .44 Mag that I would not trade for any scope.

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    Hello I know you said no battery but please read the whole post . One thing that I don't like about regular scopes is the fact that you can lose the entire sight picture under recoil if the scope does not stay in line with your eye and then it is hard to QUICKLY get a full sight picture back .Also the cross hairs are hard to pick up in low light. I am over 60 years old and this might be more of a problem for me than you. I use a RED DOT sight either a "ultra dot" that has 4 sizes of dots or a LEUPOLD GILMORE. You always get a full field of view can adjust the dot for low light and I have left the battery on by mistake for weeks,Battery life ETC has come along way in past few years and They CAN take the recoil. Only thing is they are 1X but three of us have tried each others pistols on 3D deer targetsat up to 100 yards in the woods my friends had scopes and my pistol had red dot there groups were just as good with my pistoland better then scopes in low light. Give one a try.
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    I have a C-More Railway on my Desert Eagle .50 AE. No problem with field of view and very fast on target. Batteries are not a problem on quality red dots.
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    I would not use any scope or red dot under 30mm.


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    I would never use any scope on my S&W 500!!!

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    For handgun shooting ranges, I prefer a V blade rear sight and a gold bead front sight. I have this on my ruger redhawk and it work very well.
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